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Armed with a computer and an internet connection, I'm working with a team of experts to craft digital experiences for the Healthcare and Finance industries

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The old saying, "Measure twice, Cut once" also works when building a website. However, it's rare to only measure twice... UX Design is where I walk clients through the planning and layout of the website in order to nail down exactly what we need to create.


Regardless of what we're creating, it needs to look good. During the design of the project, I'll put together static website designs as well as dynamic, in-browser versions to make sure that the project maintains it's look across all screen shapes and sizes.


"If you build it, they will come"... well... as long as it's optimized for search engines, easy to share, engaging and loads quickly. No matter the size or intensity of the project, I enjoy making sure things are built well & are easy to maintain.


My life is fueled by adventure and wonder. This never ending curiosity spills over into my work and the projects I work on. No one want's a cookie-cutter website and I'm not going to create one. It's my prerogative to get my clients excited and empowered by their websites while always strategizing about how to make them even better.

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