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UX, Designer, Developer, SEO

After a rebrand of their company, Lazzara Lenton Yachts needed a website that would increase their exposure and allow them to become leaders among other yacht brokers online.

The website integrates with's variety of services and solutions to deliver a modern, elegant medium to finding a new yacht with Lazzara Lenton.

Everything about the website has been designed to reflect the experience you get when you work with Lazzara Lenton - a respected and iconic member of the yacht industry.

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Quick Highlights

Improved SEO
Built on Wordpress

A clean, responsive showcase for luxury yachts

In a sea (pun intended) of mediocre yacht sales websites, Lazzara Lenton realized the importance of a great web precense and we focused the effort into making a website that is clean, easy to use and reflects a "luxury yacht experience".

The best implementation of YachtWorld API data recently opened up their API to enable access to a directory of over 100,000 yachts on the market. Using this data and focusing on mobile and SEO, I created a solution that is like none-other on the web.


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