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Founder, Builder, One-Man Band

Scout & Cast is a pet project of mine that has been in development from August 2013.

The website integrates information from a variety of resources and displays a large amount of data in one location, in a way that has previously never existed.

For this project, I designed, developed, marketed, managed and continually work on progressing all aspects of the website and business.

There is a large amount of technology that is used in the site, from a slew of REST APIs, to the integration of CRM interactions.

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Quick Highlights

Ran entire workflow
Integrated APIs

Building an identity

The brand needed to be fishing-oriented, yet not cliche or complex. Earth tones, subtle fishing elements and flat design rounded things out quite nicely.

Organizing quality data into one place

Using API data from USGS and multiple state agencies, I built Scout & Cast to scratch the itch of some heavy front- and back-end development while creating something that fellow fishermen will love to use.

Putting my entrepreneur skills to work

While I built the entire site from the ground up, another passion of mine is running the business side of the "startup". This project required me to understand all facets of what it takes to run a startup and has allowed me to understand my website clients' needs even better.

Creating a directory of Fishing Pros

I put on my salesman hat and began talking with fly shops and fishing guides in order to add them to a directory of fishing professionals. This coupling of fly shops and guides does not exist anywhere else on the web.


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