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After stumbling across Shane Rickert's photography on Flickr, I was able to get to know him and partnered with him while running Scout & Cast.

This was Shane Rickert's first website and thus, his first experience with the process involved with building a website.

I came up with a website that uses a new CMS that seamlessly integrates into Adobe Lightroom and allows Shane to add photos to the site in a snap!

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Quick Highlights

Built on Koken CMS
Taught web basics
Integrates with Adobe

Built on Koken

Koken is a new CMS that is catered toward photographers. When I took on this project I wanted to make sure it was easy to use and empowering for Shane. This was my first crack at using the Koken CMS and it was a huge success.

Adobe Lightroom Integration

With the power of Koken, Shane is able to simply press a couple of buttons to export new photos to the website from inside of Adobe Lightroom.


I'm having a GREAT time at!

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